Election Information

May 2, 2023 Primary Election

There are 30 municipalities in Cuyahoga County, including Beachwood, in the May 2, 2023 Primary Election.  Please visit the Board of Elections website: www.443vote.us to view the Election Overview, a sample ballot, voter registration details or general voting information.

Voters who wish to Vote-by-Mail must complete and submit a ballot application. To request a Vote-by-Mail ballot application, visit the Board of Elections website or call 216-443-VOTE (8683). Vote-by-Mail ballot applications are also available at all public libraries.

Early In-Person Voting begins on April 4, 2023. Early In-Person voting hours are posted on the Board of Elections website. Voters are reminded to bring photo identification when voting Early In-Person or voting on Election Day.

On Election Day the polls are open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. To confirm your voting location, visit the  Board of Elections website or call 216-443-VOTE.  


Beachwood Voting Location Changes: There are voting location changes for the May 2 primary election. Voters who live in Beachwood precincts A and G have been moved out of the Hilltop Elementary School and will now vote at the Beachwood Community Center at 25325 Fairmount Blvd. Voters who live in Beachwood precinct B have been moved out of the Beachwood High School and will now vote at the Beachwood Community Center at 25325 Fairmount Blvd.



(1) Non-Commercial Activities. Campaigning for election to any public office, collecting signatures on petitions, polls, or surveys, fundraising and charitable sales by educational or non-profit organizations, leafleting, distributing literature, picketing, and demonstrating by members of the public for non-profit causes are "Non-Commercial Activities" and are permitted on public property except as provided herein.

(a) Non-Commercial Activities are prohibited in lobbies and other interior areas of City buildings open to the public and in the Aquatic Center.

(b) Tables, chairs, freestanding signs or posters, structures, or furniture of any type may only be placed upon outdoor plazas, lawns or landscaped areas, driveways, parking lots, or other exterior spaces with the consent of the City.

(c) No person shall block or obstruct the free passage of any pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or interfere with ingress or egress to any City property. Non-Commercial activity shall be conducted no less than 25 feet from the entrance into any building and shall not interfere with the business of the City or any other activity that lawfully is occurring on City Property.

View the Policy for Conduct of the Public on City of Beachwood Proper (PDF).