City of Beachwood Sustainability

Limiting Our Environmental Footprint

The City of Beachwood is implementing ongoing efforts to improve sustainability and limit our environmental footprint. Please see our current eco-friendly initiatives and future sustainability plans. If you have questions or suggestions, you’re encouraged to contact the Mayor’s Office at 216-292-1901.

Current Efforts:

  • There are 10 hybrid vehicles in our current fleet.
  • Solar powered speed awareness signs are used throughout the city.
  • Our tree program plants site specific species throughout the city each year to improve our tree canopy.
  • We recycle 100% of the curbside brush and leaves that we collect.
  • We have a curbside recycling program.
  • Ongoing improvements and maintenance to our storm and sanitary sewers.
  • We encourage energy efficiency and enforce state code as it relates to sustainability efforts.
  • We were pioneers in the creation of an alternative energy section of our code. Since adopting the new language, many communities have reached out to us so they can adopt similar standards. 
  • CEI is in the process of replacing all streetlight lamps with energy efficient LED lights. 
  • The Municipal Center was built using LEED guidelines, the global standard for design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings and neighborhoods. Our facility have motion operated lights and faucets, recycled carpeting, LED lighting and it is geothermal. 

Future Plans:

  • Evaluating a transition to all electric pickup trucks. 
  • Looking into the purchase of all electric small equipment. (Lawn mowers, string trimmers, chainsaws, etc.)
  • Planning to install 10 EV charging stations in 2023.
  • Looking into a food recycling program for 2023.