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  1. Proposed Charter 

    Amendments 2018

    Questions? Please email

    Deer Survey is Closed

    Thanks to the more than 700 people
    who completed the 2018 Beachwood
    Resident Deer Survey. Your responses
    and comments will be helpful as the 
    City develops a deer-management plan.

  1. Citizen Finance Advisory Committee

    Share your experience and provide technical financial advice to City Council as a member of the new Citizen Finance Advisory Committee. Members will meet quarterly with the City’s Finance Director and Council’s Finance Committee. Experience in private- or public-sector business leadership or financial management and reporting 
    is preferred, but not required. Interested Beachwood residents,
    please submit your resume and cover letter to Clerk of Council
    Whitney.Crook@beachwoodohio.com by 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 15, 2018.