October 2, 2019
Coffee With A Cop Day (PDF)
Improving the relationship between the Police and residents
September 27, 2019National Action Network Ohio Midwest Conference Day
Welcoming the members of the National Action Network to Beachwood, Ohio for their 2019 Ohio Midwest Conference
September 26, 2019PsychBC Day (PDF)
Celebrating the 30th anniversary of PsychBC, Ohio's largest provider of outpatient mental-health treatment and assistance
September 19, 2019Father's Walk Day (PDF)
Encouraging and supporting fathers' involvement with their children's education
September 13, 2019Welcoming Week (PDF)
Recognizing the national event, "Welcoming Week," September 13 through 19, welcoming and recognizing the efforts of foreign-born citizens
September 12, 2019Stone Gardens Day (PDF)Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Stone Gardens Assisted Living
August 15, 2019Mabel Wade Day (PDF)
Celebrating Mabel Wade's 100th birthday
August 2, 2019Hansie Solomon, Ford-Bryson Family Day (PDF)
Celebrating the 46th annual Hansie Solomon, Ford-Bryson family reunion
July 27, 2019Lil Milder Day (PDF)
Celebrating Lil Milder's 100th Birthday