January 20, 2020Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day (PDF)Recognizing Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Beachwood
December 9, 2019Civista Bank (PDF)Welcoming Civista Bank to Beachwood, Ohio
December 7, 2019Dr. Mal Brahms Day (PDF)Wishing a happy and healthy 100th birthday to Dr. Mal Brahms
December 5, 2019Kahle Nutrition & Chiropractic LLC (PDF)
Welcoming Kahle Nutrition & Chiropractic LLC to Beachwood, Ohio
December 2, 2019Certificate of Heroism for Faisal Alazawi (PDF)
For calmly and effectively managing the English to Arabic communications between first responders, parents and school staff during a child’s crisis