Courts/Ticket Payment

Types of Courts

Beachwood Mayor's Court hears most uncontested misdemeanor cases. Mayor's Court is held every other Wednesday and begins promptly at noon.

Beachwood Mayor's Court Online Docket / E-Pay

All other cases are heard by the Shaker Heights Municipal Court.

Please note: The City of Beachwood does not perform wedding ceremonies. Please contact the Shaker Heights Municipal Court to schedule a wedding ceremony: these take place on Fridays and it is necessary that you schedule your ceremony in advance. The phone number is 216-491-1300.

Role and Responsibility of the City Prosecutor

  • The City Prosecutor is responsible for the prosecution of misdemeanor crimes and traffic violations that occur within the borders of the City of Beachwood. The most common types of crimes and traffic violations that confront the City Prosecutor are Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving Under a Suspended License (DUS), Domestic Violence, Theft, and Moving Traffic violations.
  • Occasionally, the Prosecutor is requested to assist the police with reviewing unique factual patterns to determine whether criminal charges should be filed.
  • The docket for the City of Beachwood in Shaker Heights Municipal Court is held on Mondays.  Jury trials are scheduled for Thursdays.  The docket is available online at
  • Serious attention and compassion will be given to all victims of crimes. The City Prosecutor follows the mandates of Marsy’s Law to ensure each victim has the ability to participate in the prosecution of their case.
  • Crimes of violence, crimes against especially vulnerable citizens of Beachwood and crimes that occur at Beachwood Place Mall will receive the most vigorous and unbending prosecution.
  • The City Prosecutor practices “open discovery”. Lawyers for those accused of traffic offenses and crimes may send a simple one page discovery letter to the City of Beachwood Prosecutor. Those sending such requests will be emailed a copy of the incident police report and other supporting documents that can be used as an aid to either resolving the case or preparing for trial.
  • City of Beachwood Police Officers are equipped with body cameras and dash cameras.  The Prosecutor will email a link containing those videos in response to discovery requests.
  • All persons who are charged with a DUI, DUS or serious misdemeanor crime are strongly encouraged to retain the assistance of a lawyer who is experienced with municipal criminal/traffic law and procedures.

For information on case status or to report further information, or to report threats/intimidation where the threat is not immediate, please contact Prosecutor Supler.