Single-Family Residential Rental Properties

In accordance with Ordinance Chapter 1391, “Every owner or operator of a single-family residential rental dwelling that is a current rental unit, shall submit an application for a Certificate of Rental Occupancy. An application to renew a Certificate is required each year the rental property is occupied as a rental unit”. 

To register a single-family residential rental property with City of Beachwood, complete a Certificate of Rental Occupancy Application and submit to the Beachwood Building Department by mail or email. Note: An annual interior/exterior inspection of the single-family residential rental property is required. 

Learn more about single-family residential rental occupancies, rules, and guidelines: 

Owners of residential rental properties must submit a Residential Rental Property Disclosure Form to Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer (R.C. 5323.02 and 5323.99). For more information, click here.