Planning and Zoning Submission Requirements and Fees

Planning and Zoning Submission Requirements 

A Planning and Zoning Application (PDF) filled out completely along with the following:

Please note: The Building Department only accepts cash or check made payable to "City of Beachwood" (credit cards are not accepted).

 Planning and Zoning Submission Fees

1329.10 Application Filing Fees for Planning and Zoning Commission; Cash Deposit for Additional PROFESSIONAL SERVICES
(a) A non-refundable filing fee in the amount of thirty-five dollars ($35.00) shall be paid to the City for each application submitted to the Planning and Zoning Commission.
(b) A cash fee in the amount set forth in the following schedule shall be submitted in addition to the filing fee listed in subsection (a) at the time of application to the Planning and Zoning Commission and/or Council:

Zoning DistrictFee
U-1, A-1,U-1, A-2, U-2, U-2A / Variances
Includes all applications to Planning Commission and/or Council except applications for lot splits and/or consolidation plats, easements, and any application required to be recorded with the County Recorder’s Office.
All other Zoning Districts for site development plan review (new building or addition)$5,000.00
All lot split and/or consolidation plats, easements, and any application required to be recorded with the County Recorder’s Office.$1,500.00
For all Zoning Districts, excepting U-1, A-1/U-1, A-2/U-2/ and U-2A, all other applications including, but not limited to, special use permits, conditional use permits,variances, text amendments or similiar or harmounious use$750.00
Map Amendment$2,500.00

(c) Charges for the professional services of the Engineer, Law Director, City Planner and/or any other professional services shall be the rates set forth in their contracts.
(e)  Once approval has been granted by the City Engineer and/or the Planning and Zoning Commission for any project which requires inspectional services, by the City Engineer, the following fee and deposit, if required, shall be paid prior to the issuance of any building permit required under Chapter 1329:

Engineering Professional Services

Estimated Total Cost of ConstructionAmount of FeeAmount of Deposit
100,000 or less$2,500.00N/A
More than 100,000 to 500,000$4,000.00N/A
More than 500,000 to 1,000,000$5,000.00N/A
More than 1,000,000$10,000.00$10,000.00

NOTE: Residential properties with grade changes only are required to submit the above Engineering fee and/or deposit.

When the estimated cost of construction is over one million dollars ($1,000,000) and any sum not charged against the deposit required in this subsection and subsection (b) above shall be refunded to the applicant or credited against other monies due the City for other pending projects of the applicant.

Any Planning and Zoning applicant whose submission requires Council approval, must attend the scheduled Council meeting or the submission will be referred to the next meeting.
Most Planning and Zoning Submissions require both a preliminary and final approval. This allows the applicant to address all comments and concerns and reply to same made by Planning and Zoning Commission members, staff and consultants for their final submission.

In the event that a special meeting or work session is called at the request of the property owner or developer, then the property owner or developer shall prepay the costs to the City for the members’ compensation and any other administrative expenses at the rate of three hundred dollars ($300.00) per meeting. (Ordinance 1999-195. Passed 8-7-00.)