Applications & Permits

Building permits are documents which are obtained through the Building Department authorizing the start of construction or remodeling of a building in the City of Beachwood. All contractors must complete the registration form (PDF) to be registered with the City every fiscal year in order to pull a permit.

Click here to review the construction requirements for The Village properties.

 City of Beachwood Fee Schedule 

  • Note: All permit fees are subject to change.
  • The Building Department only accepts cash or check made payable to "City of Beachwood" (*Credit Cards are not accepted at this time).

The following are types of permits which may be required:

  • Building/Maintenance: New construction, additions, alterations, windows/doors, roofs, demolition, or repairs to either residential or non-residential structures.
  • Electrical: New installations, additions, extensions, alterations, changes, and fire and accident repairs of any electrical wiring and electrical equipment associated with a structure or project. Separate permits are required for wiring, fixtures, furnaces, and construction poles. For convenience, the wiring, fixtures and furnaces may be combined on one permit if they are included on the original application. Construction poles will require a separate permit in every case.
  • Plumbing/Sewer: New installation, removal, alteration, repair or replacement of any plumbing, gas, or drainage piping work, or any fixture or water heater or treating equipment in a building or premise. A separate permit is required for each building or structure and privies used during construction.
  • Mechanical/HVAC: New installations, alterations, repair, replacement, remodel, and/or removal of duct work, heating, venting, or air conditioning equipment (HVAC) for each separate building or structure involved in the project.
  • Zoning: Driveways, aprons, fences, sheds.
  • Other: Occupancy permits, signage permits, garage sale permits, street opening permits, temporary structures, fire alarm/sprinklers.


The Building Department now offers a locked "Drop Box" for applications, submissions, and/or payments for those who do not want to come into our office. 

It is located within front vestibule doors of City Hall entrance.

Drop Box