Flooding Information

When the ground is saturated by heavy rains and thunderstorms, the City of Beachwood wants residents to be safe and aware of potential flooding.

The City of Beachwood takes the maintenance of its sewer mains seriously and films all 300 miles of sewers regularly.

If you experience flooding, please contact the Beachwood Service Department during normal business hours at 216-292-1922, or the Beachwood Police Department after hours at 216-464-1234.

The City of Beachwood will schedule crews to investigate the City’s portion of the sewers to insure proper flow and drainage. These crews will be dispatched based upon the seriousness of the issue(s) and/or the order in which calls are received.

Please note that any blockage found on the resident’s side of the sewer will be the homeowner’s responsibility.

In case of flooding, the City also wants residents to be aware of these safety tips:
  1. Do not drive through a flooded area or drive around barricades that indicate the road is closed.
  2. Do not walk through flowing water.
  3. Stay away from downed power lines.