What is your procurement policy?

The procurement of all supplies, materials, equipment, and services shall be made in accordance with applicable Federal, State, and local statures and/or regulations.

All City employees involved in the procurement of goods and/or services should abide by the City’s Employment Policy Code of Ethic, rules and regulations of the Ohio Ethics Commission, the Ohio Revised Code, Federal Statutes, and any Grant requirements regarding any potential conflicts of interest in the expenditure of public monies.

The City of Beachwood’s Codified Ordinance 121.09 states contracts for expenditures of twenty-five thousand ($25,000) or more, but less than fifty thousand dollars are not required to be competitively bid, but may be awarded, upon the recommendation of the Mayor and/or Department Director, and by ordinance of Council. It also states competitive bids are to be obtained for purchases in excess of $50,000 unless the Ohio Revised Code and City Code provides for an alternative method such as State Contracts; and/or unless specifically waived by City Council.  

The City of Beachwood supports diversity and inclusion in its procurement awards, and encourages the utilization of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises as vendors and as prime and subcontractors.   

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1. What is your procurement policy?
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