What are the requirements for rain barrels?
See Beachwood Codified Ordinance Chapter 1355.09: One or more downspout(s) may be diverted into an approved rain barrel provided that overflow from such appurtenance is directed back into the downspout. Rain barrels shall be covered at all times and shall not cause a public or private nuisance. Rain barrels shall not be installed in the front or side yard setbacks, but are to be located only on rear yard downspouts. Rain barrels are to be positioned adjacent to the rear of the dwelling structure so as not to be visible from the public right of way. Only one rain barrel may be installed at each rear yard downspout. Rain barrel installations require the review and approval of the Building Commissioner and Staff Engineer. Plans submitted for review and approval shall include details of the type, size and location of the rain barrel, including the method of connecting the overflow back to the downspout along with a landscaping plan if necessary to screen the rain barrel from view from the public right of way.

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