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Sep 06

September 5th - Zoning Amendments (ORD. 2023-11)

Posted on September 6, 2023 at 10:39 AM by Brittany Rutkowski

During the September 5th Council meeting, we discussed some significant changes we are making to ourZoning Ordinance Photo Planning and Zoning Code, changes that reflect our commitment to progress, equality, and the safety of our community. These changes have been meticulously crafted by our city planner, city council, our legal team, and my administration to serve the best interests of our residents.

Three core principles guided our efforts. First, we had to ensure that our zoning code aligns with state and federal regulations. It was essential that we avoid the legal disputes that have plagued neighboring cities, saving our resources, and upholding the rule of law. These updates bring us in line with these regulations and better support our community's evolving needs.

Second, we're bolstering safeguards to protect our cherished single-family residential neighborhoods, known as U-1 districts. We recognize the value of these neighborhoods to our residents – these are places where families invest their dreams, their security, and their futures. Our code maintains the integrity of these areas while allowing for necessary growth and change.

The third principle involves fostering inclusivity by accommodating smaller institutional uses, such as places of worship, private schools and charter schools in U-5 districts. Our city thrives on diversity, and this step reflects our commitment to nurturing a vibrant tapestry of religious and educational institutions. 

To accomplish that, we’re reducing the minimum required lot size in U-5 districts, ensuring that legitimate, smaller-scale uses can thrive without undue obstacles.

The overarching concern is our adherence to the federal Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA). With the assistance of our City Planner, we've painstakingly designed and reviewed our regulations to comply with this act, ensuring that religious uses are treated on equal terms with non-religious institutions, irrespective of denomination.

It’s important to note that we aren’t just updating regulations – we're enhancing public safety. Illegitimate or unpermitted use of properties, especially for places of worship or other gathering spaces, can pose significant risks. A fire, the collapse of a floor or some other tragedy that resulted in injuries or deaths would immediately lead to blame for the city, as well as operators of the illegitimate gathering spaces. The changes we're introducing allow us to enforce essential safety standards consistently, protecting both worshippers and our entire community.

Any application for a zoning code change will quickly kickoff a detailed process that will result in a top-to-bottom, case-by-case review.  Every proposed change for a particular use will take into consideration the impact on that neighborhood and the city as a whole. And I promise all of you that our evaluation will be a fair and comprehensive process, conducted in public, that reflects the values and priorities of our community.

These zoning code updates represent a milestone for Beachwood. They're not only about policy; they're about the heart of our city, our neighborhoods and the individuals who call this place home. I want to express my gratitude to city council, our legal team, our city planner and everyone else involved in this process.  Their dedication has shaped these changes, ensuring a more equitable, safe, and vibrant future for our city.

I know there will be many questions. Click here for a FAQ sheet which should help to answer some of those questions. These questions have also been posted to our website and will be updated as new questions comes up so that everyone in the community has access to the same information.   

Thank you.