Honkin' Haulin' Answers & Entry Form

Honkin' Haulin'

Answer Key

Thank you for participating and joining us for the Honkin' Haulin' Truck Parade! We hope you had a great time! Don't forget to join us for the 5th annual Fall Festival on Sunday, October 2nd.

1.) 2,260 pounds

2.) 9,000 pounds

3.) 1,000 gallons

4.) 17,000 pounds

5.) $700

6.) 1,175 hydrants

7.) 2,160 pounds

8.) 150 miles

9.) 150 pounds

10.) 11 tons


Winners will be selected at random on September 26th for $5 Dunkin' Donut gift cards (up to 5 winners) and one grand prize winner for a Fire Department tour! To enter, provide an email address below for our monthly Beachwood Recreation newsletter.

The monthly email newsletter consists of special events (like Honkin' Haulin' and Fall Fest), programs and activities offered by the City of Beachwood only. It will not be used for any other communication.