Beachwood Cemetery

Beachwood Cemetery / Warrensville East Cemetery

The Audit Director handles all requests and inquiries regarding interments in the Beachwood Cemetery. The cemetery is located at 23001 Halburton Road, at the corner of South Green Road, with entrances on both Halburton and South Green Roads. The Beachwood Cemetery is also known as the Warrensville East Cemetery, a name dating back to a time before Beachwood existed as a separate entity.

If you have questions about the landscaping and upkeep of the cemetery please contact the Service Department at 216-292-1922.

To search for existing grave sites, visit Find a Grave Website.

Beachwood Cemetery Geophysical Investigation

The City of Beachwood, in conjunction with the Beachwood Historical Society, joined resources in the summer of 2013 to gain a deeper knowledge of part of Beachwood's past - namely, the Beachwood Cemetery site. In October 2013 a Geophysical Investigation of the Beachwood Cemetery was performed by William T. Johnson of Monroe, Pennsylvania. In February 2014 the report of this investigation was completed and sent to the City of Beachwood for review. And on March 17th, 2014, the results were presented to Council.

We are pleased to now share these results with the public.

View William T. Johnson's presentation to Council (PDF).

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