Housing Inspection Program

Residential Exterior Maintenance Program


The main objective of the program is to cause inspections to be made of all exterior property areas within the residential districts of the City of Beachwood. This Exterior Maintenance Program is designed to provide for the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of Beachwood and to eliminate certain unsafe, unhealthy, blighting and deteriorating conditions which may exist.  A secondary purpose of this program is to prevent deterioration of dwellings as they age, so that property values within the City will remain consistently high.

Point of Sale Inspections are not performed by the City of Beachwood.

The Exterior Housing Inspection Program is based on a four year rotation schedule.

2018 Housing Inspection List

Street Name
  • Beachwood Blvd. (2350-2505)
  • Beacon Drive
  • Belvoir Blvd.
  • Blossom Lane
  • Brentwood Road
  • Bryden Road
  • Buckhurst Drive
  • Concord Drive
  • Edgewood Road
  • Elmhurst Drive
  • Fairmount Blvd. (23101-24161)
  • Farsleigh Road
  • Fernwood Drive
  • Greenlawn Avenue
  • Halburton Road (20954-23200)
  • Halworth Road
  • Havel Drive
  • Hermitage Road
  • Larchmont Road
  • Ranch Road
  • South Green Road (2315-2667)
  • Timberlane Drive