Applicants are to be the first person on site and the last person to leave. A pre-inspection and post-inspection form must be completed and signed the day of use. Applicant is required to be present during the entire event or the event will be terminated and all fees forfeited.

Applicant is responsible for the caterer. The caterer must adhere to all rules set forth by the Beachwood Community Center.

Children must be supervised at all times. All youth activities must have adult supervision. Adult supervisors are to be 21 years or older. The required ratio is one adult per 10 children. Most youth activities will require police security with an additional per hour charge.

Special arrangements must be made with the Beachwood Community Center rental coordinator prior to an event for the use of live animals. Failure to comply will result in the termination of event and the forfeiture of all fees.

Ohio law prohibits the use of the Beachwood Community Center for gambling purposes. If you have any questions as to whether your activity constitutes gambling, please contact the Beachwood Community Center rental coordinator at 216-292-1970. For profit fundraisers are not permitted.

Special equipment requests or additional furniture needs must be made at least two weeks prior to the event and the City of Beachwood will invoice the applicant for the expenses. Arrangements may be made with the Beachwood Community Center rental coordinator if there is a specific vendor(s) you wish to be used, otherwise the city will choose the vendor.

All private events held at the Beachwood Community Center must be by invitation only.

Sound System
The sound system and microphones may be provided and appropriate volumes are to be controlled by Community Center staff. Independent sound systems (i.e. DJ equipment) sound levels may not exceed the level deemed appropriate by the Beachwood Community Center staff. If a DJ is used, please make sure your rental time includes the equipment set-up and take-down; otherwise loss of security deposit may result.

Tables, Chairs & Window Shades
Available furnishings include chairs, 3-foot card tables, 6-foot rectangular tables and 60 inch round tables. Window shades will be adjusted per renter’s request by Beachwood Community Center staff.

All papers, garbage, or rubbish in areas used are to be neatly cleaned up and placed in trash containers / bags provided. Tables and chairs should be clear of debris and wiped off. Improper clean-up may result in loss of security deposit.

No tape, thumbtacks, nails, screw-in hooks, staples, sticky tape, or other fasteners may be used on any surface or wall in the Community Center. Glitter, confetti, lighted candles, open flames, smoke, or fog machines are not permitted. Helium balloons must be weighted.

No food preparation is permitted on site. All food and refreshments must remain inside the reserved areas. The Community Center staff reserves the right to inspect all containers.

Kitchen Rental
Kitchen use is limited to one renter at a time; subject to previous rentals. Kitchen rental consists of counter space, refrigerator, sinks, and ice machine.