Fee Schedule

The fee schedule for use of specific rooms in the Community Center is as follows:
Room Occupancy with Chairs and Tables Occupancy with Chairs Regular Hours Extended Hours** Kitchen Fee
Fairmount 72 125 $90 / hour $100 / hour $50 extra
Richmond 72 125 $90 / hour $100 / hour $50 extra
Fairmount and Richmond Rooms 144 250 $100 / hour $125 / hour $75 extra
Beechwood* 48 75 $50 / hour $60 / hour $30 extra
Chagrin* 56 75 $50 / hour $60 / hour $30 extra
Beechwood and Chagrin Rooms 104 150 $75 / hour $85 / hour $50 extra
Cedar* 20 35 $30 / hour $45 / hour $20 extra
Green* 20 25 $30 / hour $45 / hour $20 extra
Cedar and Green Rooms 40 60 $60 / hour $60 / hour $30 extra
Beechwood, Chagrin, Cedar, and Green Rooms 144 210 $100 / hour $125 / hour $75 extra

**Extended Hours

Outside of regular hours with the following limitations:
  • No earlier than 6 a.m.
  • No later than 11 p.m. as the building must be vacated by this time

Security Deposit

A security deposit of $200 and all other applicable fees (hourly rate, Police/Parking lot attendant fees) are due at time of booking.  The cost of repairing any damage to the facility or its contents shall be charged directly to the permit holder.  Such cost shall be charged against security deposit.  Any cost over and above will be the responsibility of the permit holder.  Any remaining deposit will be refunded approximately 30 days after the event.  The City of Beachwood reserves the right to retain the security deposit (partial or entire) for any violation to the Beachwood Community Center Rules and/or Regulations. 

Police Security

 A police security / parking lot attendant fee may be assessed for special circumstances depending on the nature of the event, attendance levels, etc. If it is determined a police / parking lot attendant is necessary a fee of $70 per hour per officer shall be paid at the time of booking.

Room Rental Fees

All other fees may apply. Room rental fees are required from:
  • Beachwood residents
  • Businesses or commercial institutions with offices located in the City of Beachwood
Rental fees are not required for:
  • Beachwood Board of Education activities
  • Beachwood Chamber of Commerce
  • City of Beachwood sponsored activities
  • Government Entities
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Non-profit organizations that directly provide services and/or programs to the City of Beachwood or its employees
Any requests which do not constitute a regular meeting may be subject to additional charges as determined by the Community Services director and/or the mayor. 

No room rental fee during regular hours (all other fees may apply including Security Deposit) for the following:
  • Civic or community groups with a majority of Beachwood residents or an office within the city limits. Groups must provide a copy of 501 C3 status. A membership roster must be provided or regular rental rates apply.
  • Non-profit / charitable organizations which have an office in Beachwood or provide services to a significant number of Beachwood residents. Organizations must provide a copy of 501 C3 status
During extended hours these groups may rent at 50% off the extended hour rate (all other fees may apply including Security Deposit)listed above.