Reduce, Repurpose, and Recycle Tips from The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District

Kathleen Rocco from the Waste District discusses recycling options on New Day Cleveland: 

Cardboard Recycle

2018 Recycling Program Updates:

The City of Beachwood has recently been advised by the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District that all residents need to modify types of items placed into the curbside collection carts.  Unfortunately, placing items not included on the list of acceptable items could cause an entire truckload to be diverted to a landfill.

Per Christie Snyder at the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District "Recyclable materials are commodities that are bought and sold all over the world. Without end markets that can convert these materials into new products and goods, there is no recycling. And while it may feel good to put things out for recycling, those items are not truly “recycled” until they move through a complex system. There are three factors that determine whether an item can be recycled or not."

Three Factors Determining Recyclability

See the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District "Talking Trash Blog" for additional recycling information.

Waste Problem Driven by Economics

Residents should look for labels placed on the lids of their recycling carts this year.  The labels clarify which items belong in the carts.


Curbside Recycling - What Can I Recycle?


We DO accept the following items:
Cans- Empty and Rinse  
Cartons- Empty, Rinse and Replace Cap  
Glass Bottles and Jars- Empty and Rinse  
Paper and Boxes- Flatten Cardboard   
Plastic Bottles and Jugs- Empty, Rinse and Replace Cap  

We DO NOT accept the following items:
Aerosol cans** Paint (Oil Base) ** 
Aluminum siding Pallets                                                                         
Automotive parts Plastic bags ** 
Clothes hangers Plastic toys
Drinking glasses and mason jars PVC piping 
Light bulbs Vinyl siding
Metal cookware Wax coated boxes
Motor oil** Window glass
Non-alkaline batteries** Wood
Outdoor plastic furniture
Paint (Latex)*
* Latex paint needs to be dried up and placed next to rubbish cart with lid removed on collection day.
** Accepted at the Public Service Facility Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Special Item Recycling

  • Computers, non-alkaline batteries, household hazardous waste, motor oil, plastic bags and tires may be dropped off at the Public Service Center Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM
  • As of February 15, 2019, formed Styrofoam will not longer be accepted for recycling.  Unfortunately markets have changed and there is no local company willing to take it.
  • Propane tanks (20# grill) may be taken to Blue Rhino for free drop off recycling . Residents can recycle their unwanted 20# grill tanks by writing “RECYCLE” on the tank and taking it to any Blue Rhino location. Blue Rhino will accept any standard 20# grill tank for recycling, including non-Rhino brands.


Call the Service Department at 216-292-1922 with any questions or concerns. If you call during non-business hours, please leave us a detailed message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  You may also send us an Email 

For Additional Recycling Information

 Visit the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District

Reduce Your Unwanted Catalogs

Over eight million tons of trees are consumed each year in the production of paper catalogs.  There is a free service allowing you to reduce the stream of unwanted catalogs flowing into your home. Catalog Choice allows you to opt out of catalogs, coupons, credit card offers, phone books, circulars and more.

Reduce your catalogs here
You'll need is the catalog customer number (printed near the name/address field on the back of the catalog). This process is much simpler than telephoning requests to stop and the site maintains a record of catalogs you've eliminated.

Condominium and Apartment Residents

You can participate in the City's recycling program. Recyclable items should be dropped off in the dumpster by the Community Center.

Recycle Tipper Cans

Additional recycle tipper cans are available for purchase (cash or check only please) at the Service Department from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday. 

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