Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Program

The following items will be accepted in the HHW Disposal Program. The City of Beachwood can only accept materials that originate from a household and not a commercial source. Beachwood residents may drop off their HHW year round at The Public Service Department (Monday-Friday, 7:30 AM until 3:30 PM).
ACCEPTED Household Materials
Oil or solvent-based paint, sealers, primers or coatings (aerosol or liquids)
Varnishes, polyurethanes and shellacs
Paint thinner, mineral spirits, turpentine
Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides
Caustic household cleaners
Pool chemicals
Automotive fluids, motor oil, car batteries
Adhesives, roof tar, driveway sealer
Kerosene, gasoline, lighter fluid
Long, Mercury, florescent bulbs (6 ft. length max)
(Take all compact florescent bulbs to Lowe's, Home Depot, or Batteries + Bulbs)

NOT ACCEPTED Household Materials
Latex paint (see below)
Explosives, gun powder, ammunition, flares,
Medical waste, medicine , sharps
Radioactive waste (i.e. smoke detectors)
Electronics, appliances
Business waste

Household materials NOTE:
  • Alkaline batteries (non-rechargeable) are non-hazardous and should be placed in the regular rubbish.
  • Residents may drop off unwanted medicine (pills only) in the Police Department Lobby between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM Monday-Friday.  For additional information: Unwanted Medicine Disposal
  • Dried out or empty paint cans are non-hazardous and should be disposed of in the regular rubbish
  • Latex paint is not a hazardous material so it is not accepted in this program. Residents should dry out their latex paint and dispose of it in the regular rubbish. See the Solid Waste District’s instructional video about drying out latex paint:
Cuyahoga Recycles: Dry out Latex Paint